Amayrani Martinez
Office Manager

Amayrani Martinez is the office manager at the Law Office of Christopher Worth.

Prior to working in the Law Office of Christopher Worth, Amayrani was a Legal Advocate for The Retreat. The Retreat is a non-profit organization that provides direct services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other related forms of gender violence on the Eastern End of Long Island. Amayrani met with clients to assess their options for legal action (e.g. orders of protection, child support, custody, and/or visitation). Amayrani assisted clients with filing petitions through the local Family Court. With her previous training in immigration law, Amayrani offered “Know Your Rights” presentations to The Retreat Staff and clients. 

Amayrani’s interest to learn about immigration law was sparked by becoming a member of the Women Empowered to Lead Immigration Navigation Cohort with the New York Immigration Coalition based in New York, New York. For six months, Amayrani attended training and leadership development sessions conducted by both NYIC and Jones Day, focusing on the basics of immigration law, combating the unauthorized practice of immigration law, supporting naturalization and financial literacy. 

By working closely with Jones Day, Amayrani was presented with the opportunity to travel to the border city of Laredo, Texas in 2018 and 2019. While in Laredo, she translated for Jones Day attorneys who offer free legal screenings at various processing and detention centers in the area as part of what they have named “The Laredo Project.” Amayrani assisted with screening immigrant detainees for possible immigration relief through asylum, withholding of removal, and the Convention Against Torture. 

Amayrani earned her bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from The City College of New York in 2017. In college, she achieved proficiency in the Portuguese language after taking three semesters of the language and studying abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for six months. 

As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, Amayrani has experienced first-hand the discrimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Control Protection (CBP); their actions separating families and violating basic human rights have for years instilled fear in immigrant families. By living vicariously through the stories of courageous family members, close friends, and strangers about why they left their native countries, Amayrani is further inspired and grateful to help communities which exemplify fearlessness and the beauty of diversity, and which remind her of home.